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Enterprise Breach Analytics powered by Eastwind Networks

Eastwind Network’s enterprise-class platform provides comprehensive breach analytics and threat monitoring technology to accelerate your response time. We utilize threat intelligence sources, machine learning algorithms, and behavioral analytics to identify both known and unknown threats.

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Gain complete visibility of your key cyber terrain: Cloud, Network, User and Time.

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Create powerful insights to reduce resolution time and quickly investigate threats.

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Target threat actors, scope the problem, and reduce dwell time.

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Reveal previously unknown patterns and navigate complex relationships.

Eastwind Networks provides an Enterprise Breach Analytics solution that identifies threats within your network by utilizing big data and a fast search platform hosted virtually (or in the cloud).  The visibility and context for each alert is unparalleled due to the telemetry.  This along with 13 months’ worth of stored data make us a leading breach detection company

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“They see things on our network before we’re even aware of it. Peace of mind. It’s one more layer in our in-depth security strategy. It’s like future proofing.”

“Eastwind will help us analyze historical traffic when we’re trying to evaluate a break-in. Accountability to our stakeholders. A clear record of network traffic.”

“Comfort and security. They provide me knowledge to become comfortable.”

“They’re constantly monitoring our network for us behind the scenes. They’ll shoot us an email and alert us that there is some anomalous behavior. They’ll recommend a course of action. We’ve had a couple of instances where we had to act upon.”

“As an MSSP, we love their open platform!”